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GE Profile Microwave & Convection Oven


DSC Alarm LCD5500Z

To Arm the System:
1. Close all doors and windows
2. Enter your 4-digit security code
3. You have 30 seconds to leave before the system is armed

To Disarm the System
Enter your 4-digit security code within 30 seconds of opening the door.
Note that the alarm will go off instantly if a window is opened instead of a door.


To program a code, complete step 7 in the instructions below.
Keypad Deadbolt

Dishwasher Maintenance

Follow these instructions to improve the dishwasher’s ability to clean:
1. If dishwasher doesn’t clean well, it may be related to hard water and is not a mechanical problem
2. Use a dishwasher cleaner like Glisten or Dishwasher Magic. Run them in the dishwasher following the directions
3. Change your detergent to a Cascade powder mixed with Lemi Shine. A 50/50 mixture of the two in the pre and main wash dispenser works well
4. Lemi Shine is a citric acid based powder that eliminates streaking and helps keep the dishwasher clean
5. For maximum effectiveness, use the high temp/hot wash option every time the dishwasher is run